Receiving from Life

Receive.After a season of giving being the larger focus, receive.After living in a state of anxiety due to two years of life being turned upside down and the resolution to it all being a changing, moving target all while what to expect from day to day is shuffled and rearranged before we can get a … Continue reading Receiving from Life

You are For Me & You are With Me

I have a lot of strengths. I’m generally very positive and focused on spreading light. I also am fairly aware of and attentive to my mindset and my needs.  But I also am good at allowing myself to be more vulnerable, ushering in typically unwelcome thoughts, feelings, and moods. I’ll allow it all to marinate … Continue reading You are For Me & You are With Me

The Light to my Fire

If we could just meet. If you just knew I existed. If you'd just respond to my messages. Did you see my comment? I love everything you do. You're perfect. You're perfect for ME. I can't stop thinking about you. Obsession. This isn't even real. Now I'm depressed. Are you the one who is perfect … Continue reading The Light to my Fire

2020 Teachers Double as PIONEERS

An article (Laskowski, 2020) popped up one day on my phone mentioning remote learning and how teachers can make it work and I thought I needed to explore its embedded ideas. I have an education background and have worked with various age groups. Now I am watching friends and family who are teachers of various … Continue reading 2020 Teachers Double as PIONEERS

late night stream of thoughts

i am 27. i’m in freakin quarantine and i live alone with my two cats. i nanny during the day and joy abounds. the mornings offer hope and renewed strength. the afternoons are long and bring me much anxiety in regard to being alone and feeling like i’m wasting my life away. the evening offers … Continue reading late night stream of thoughts


Helloooo out there... can anybody hear me? I ask as I partake in the howling at 8:00 P.M., a tradition that caught on quickly and now seems to be dying out quickly. A-woooo. How are you holding up throughout all the world's AND your personal events of 2020 so far? Do you have any outlets … Continue reading Heal

27 Years in La La Land

My life isn't quite the way I thought it would be at 27. I tend to take on a fantasy-oriented mindset when it comes to imagining the future. The trouble is that the present is happening as I'm dreaming of what could be and I end up missing what's right there in front of me: the smells, … Continue reading 27 Years in La La Land

WTF is Hope Anyway?

Welcome to my page. I am a believer in hope. But I have questions. Wtf does "hope" even mean? How is it quantified? Is it something you can touch and hold? Does it bear a physical marking? Is it worthy of our time, energy, thoughts, or tears? Is it justified... or is it imaginary? (Like … Continue reading WTF is Hope Anyway?

The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me! The quote in the picture below is what kind of kick-started my idea for a blog name of "The Human Condition." I think it encompasses the idea of what we are and I'd like to write my thoughts about the experiences I think many of us encounter or go through. … Continue reading The Journey Begins